Friday, 16 December 2016

Benefits of a whole body and deep tissue massage to atheletes

Massage is basically the application of pressure by stroking different parts of the body using different oils. A massage is a great way to relax. Massages were initially considered a speciality of certain countries. For instance, Thailand is quite famous for its massage spas. Another famous type of massage, is the Indian Ayurvedic massage. This massage uses certain herbal oils for the purpose of a massage.

A massage may focus on certain parts of the body or it may be a whole body massage. A whole body massage in Geelong is quite popular among athlete for the variety of benefits it offers. Athletes can get severe injuries on different parts of the body. A massage can be coupled with physiotherapy to encourage faster healing. 

Massages can help reduce the pain of athletic injuries a lot. In addition, during training for sports events athletes are stressed. The stress causes further fatigue. A massage can be helpful in reducing this fatigue. The reason is that massages increase blood circulation because of the stroking movements. A deep tissue massage in Geelong can help enhance performance in sports events. 

A deep tissue massage is basically a massage that focuses on a particular area. It treats the source of pain by increasing lymphatic flow using stroking movement. It is quite common for people to feel stiffness or soreness of the muscles after about two or three days of this massage. It is a good idea to consult your doctor before going for a deep tissue massage. Also, there misconception that a deep tissue massage is similar to a sports massage. This is not the case, the aim of deep tissue massage is to reduce fatigue and tension. While a sports massage focuses on injuries of the muscle. Massages are a good way to relax and heal yourself.


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