Thursday, 12 January 2017

New techniques to get rid of neck pain for good

Neck Pain and Cervical Issues
Stress can often lead to painful aches and affect muscles of our body. Neck, shoulders and back are most commonly affected due to stress. If pain occurs in any of these parts it ultimately affects our spine. Any such pain can hinder us from performing our day to day activities. There are different ways to cure the neck pain relief. It is important to determine the cause of neck pain.
 Causes of Neck Pains can be one of the following:
  •      Whiplash by Accidents
  •     Lifting weight with the wrong angle
  •     Sleeping in an improper posture
  •     Using an uncomfortable pillow
  •     Slouching posture while sitting
  •     Trauma/stress
  •     Jaw displacement

Prevention is better than treatment. One should always avoid sitting or sleeping in bad postures. Professionals who have to spend long hours in front of the laptop on chairs, should take a 2 minutes stretch every hour. Neck / back cushions can be used while travelling.
When to See a Doctor?
Muscular pains should not be ignored. They can lead to life-long medical conditions.  If a person feels frequent/continuous pain or swelling in neck, shoulder or back, it’s time to see a doctor.  These pains if not treated, can worsen the condition of the patient, ultimately leading to operation. A doctor may examine x-rays of the patient to analyse his/her condition.In modern era, the latest concept of chiropractor is a new way to treat cervical pains

Chiropractors use different techniques to treat the muscular pains. They also use medicines depending upon the severity of the patient.  Massage, hot and cold therapies may also be used. There are several ways of reducing the neck pain by acupuncture too. It depends on the patient on how adaptive he/she is towards the chiropractor because some people may not comfortable with certain angles they use. 


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