Thursday, 16 February 2017

Choose the perfect LED light for your home

LED lights are consumed by people due to their numerous benefits. They are popular choice among people nowadays due to their less energy consumption and long life. There are many types of LED lights from which you can choose from:
LED star lights:
LED star lights in Perth are miniature and delicate star shaped lights with small LED bulbs fitted into the frames. They are perfect for ceiling decorations and are usually used to decorate children’s rooms. They make the ceiling glow like a night sky.
Panel lights:
These lights come in different shapes with different powers. Made up of aluminum, these are considered high grade lights. They have a long life and can last for up to 50,000 hours.
LED spot lights:
These lights are used where high brightness is required. They are perfect for showrooms and concerts. They have high power range and they are used to attract visitors. These lights come in different colors and sizes and you can purchase one depending on your need and liking.
LED strip lights:
These belt type lights are fixed on thin surfaces by using adhesive coating. They resemble long strips of twinkling stars. They are usually used to decorate dance halls, bars and discos and other glamorous areas. Some people use these lights to decorate their luxury cars and busses.
LED tube lights:
These are the least efficient of all LED lights. They do not have a higher intensity range and their just illuminate a small space. They are usually installed in offices, homes and stations etc.
Corn lights:

These lights are shaped like ear of a corn.  Inside these lights, a number of small lights work together to light up the area. These small lights combine to give the illusion of a big light bulb. They are ideal for installations at home. 


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