Monday, 13 February 2017

Managing crowds with barriers

Crowd control barriers play an important role in maintaining discipline and order.  As they are crucial for controlling traffic and crowds, they should be strong enough to withhold the weight and pressure. It is very important to select the barrier keeping in view the safety and security of the people. 

There are many types of barriers and temporary construction fences from which we can choose from, according to our requirements.
·         Stanchion barriers: This type of barriers is very commonly used. They aren’t very reliable because they use rope for barricades.
·         Steel barriers: They are very strong due to heavy material used in making them. They come handy when handling a big crowd.
·         Retractable barriers: This type of barriers isn’t ideal for crowds but they are user friendly and easy to install and remove.
·         Concrete jersey barriers: These are not suitable for managing large crowds but these are popular because they withstand nearly all weathers and do not corrode.
·         K rail barriers: These barriers are ideal for crowd control. Sometimes they come in different colors which reflect light which makes them easy for recognition. Also, they are portable and recyclable.
How to choose the right barrier?
There is such a large variety of barriers in the market that it makes difficult to find the right barrier. Before buying or renting a barrier, check for the following features:
·         Size: Fences and barriers come in different sizes. Check the dimensions before buying one.
·         Characteristics: Examine the barrier for hooks and locks.
·         Affordable: Contact the retailers and compare the prices. The barriers shouldn’t be very expensive. But keep in mind that staying in budget doesn’t mean that you should compromise on quality.
·         Durability: Go for a barrier that can withstand extreme weathers and doesn’t rust easily.
By keeping in mind all these characters, you should be able to make the right choice.


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