Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Mistakes people make when attending networking events

Business networking is a powerful tool if your strategy for marketing is referral-based. People go to these events to meet with other members of the corporate body to build a good clientele. So it is understandable that these events could greatly benefit an entrepreneur if he/she is looking to get referred. Yet many people seem to think that these events are a waste of time. They don’t get the result they intended.

The reason is that they make a couple of mistakes that waste their time and make them non-productive. If you can avoid them, you can save your time and money from being wasted. Listed below are some of them:
  • Not setting goals for the event
One of the biggest reasons for failing to achieve your objective when going to networking events is that you don’t set a list of objectives that you want to be done with at the end of the whole thing. It could be anything that is going to benefit your business in some way. If your goal was to meet a specific entrepreneur who shares your ideals and could really help you, then your priority should be meeting this person.
  • They don’t look professional
People don’t dress appropriately for the occasion and wonder what they did wrong. They don’t have business cards with them when needed or accidentally pull out the wrong card which looks bad. Dress formal and look neat. Show people that you have credibility. 

  • No preparation
People appear for networking events in the dullest mood and that is a mistake right there. Before you enter the door prepare yourself mentally and get psyched up for a great evening otherwise it is no use. Look sharp and active and that will decide how people will see and remember you. Be on your toes for any questions; be quick and confident to show everyone that you are prepared for anything.


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